Which questions are most important when buying a security door?

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2022-05-17 15:16

Where is the safest place in the world? The answer for most people is home. The security of the home is absolutely inseparable from a solid security door. Nowadays, there are many brands of anti-theft doors on the market, and the quality is uneven. They all say that they are the best and the safest, but in fact, they are different.

As long as you ask the following five questions when purchasing an anti-theft door, the sales staff must think that they have encountered an insider, so they obediently put away their tricks and recommend the safest Class-A anti-theft door for you.

Which questions are most important when buying a security door?

Question 1: "Is this door galvanized sheet or cold rolled sheet?"

Usually, due to cost considerations, most manufacturers use cold-rolled steel plates as raw materials for security doors. This kind of steel plate is cheap, but it is easy to rust in wet and rainy seasons. Rust growth inside the security door is generally invisible. Yes, but rust is like some kind of cancer for security doors. As long as it is rusted, it will gradually erode, and time is running out.

If galvanized sheet is used as the raw material, it is very different. If the anti-theft door is made of high-quality galvanized sheet, it will have a strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability, and it will not rust in a humid environment, which is equivalent to being "immune" to rust.

Question 2: "How many centimeters is this door?"

General consumers rarely pay attention to the thickness of the door leaf when they buy anti-theft doors. At present, most anti-theft doors on the market are 5 cm and 7 cm, and if they reach 9 cm, they belong to high-end anti-theft doors. Since the increase in thickness will make the product process more complicated and the production cost higher, there are not many manufacturers that mainly promote 9 cm products. But the benefits of 9 cm security doors are obvious. The 9 cm anti-theft door has higher security, excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation effect, and can basically not be disturbed by external noise at home.

I would like to say here that real estate developers will be equipped with anti-theft doors when handing over a house. Many consumers think that the equipped doors are not bad, and they will not replace them for cost saving reasons. This is very unsafe, because developers are standard The door must be the worst 5 cm door. These doors have limited protection performance. It is recommended that you replace the door with a better security door as soon as you close the room.

Question 3: "Is this door fitted with a keel?"

First of all, popularize a professional knowledge. The so-called keel is the structural support skeleton between the two layers of steel plates of the door leaf. The addition of the keel will greatly improve the overall firmness of the security door. For example, in the impact resistance test of a certain brand of anti-theft door, the weight of the sandbag was increased from the national standard 30 kg to 60 kg, and the number of impacts exceeded the national standard by 5 times, and the anti-theft door panel was still not deformed at all. After the steel structure keel is installed on the door panel, not only the frontal impact resistance is increased several times, but the longitudinal support firmness will also be greatly increased. Once it encounters extreme situations such as earthquakes and fires, the door panel with the steel structure keel will not be easily pressed. Bend, which ensures that the escape door can be opened smoothly.

Question 4: "What method is used for the protection of the lock cylinder?"

When purchasing anti-theft doors, the vast majority of consumers attach great importance to the safety level of the lock, but often ignore the protective device of the lock. No matter how high the level of the lock cylinder is, as long as there is no protective device, violent unlocking is also vulnerable. Class A anti-theft doors are generally equipped with lock cylinder protection devices, but the quality is very different, and the cost is dozens of times different, so special attention should be paid when purchasing.

Question 5: "What is the padding used for the door leaf?"

The filling of security doors is often the most easily overlooked. Some low-priced Class A security doors on the market use honeycomb paper materials inside, which do not have the functions of fire prevention, moisture resistance and sound insulation. And some better brand anti-theft doors mainly use aviation aluminum foil as filler. This high-strength aviation material is composed of countless hexagonal aluminum foils into a mesh structure, which has super impact resistance. An adult weighing 70 kg Standing on it will not be deformed. When the security door encounters a strong external impact, the aviation aluminum foil and steel keel can fully resist the damage caused by the external impact.

Security doors are the most important part of protecting the safety of family property. You must be careful when buying security doors. It is better to spend a little more money than save your budget on security doors. It saves a few hundred yuan and may pay hundreds of thousands of yuan. property loss.

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