How to install steel wood armored door

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2022-05-17 15:15

The door is the first guard to protect the safety of the family in family life. Therefore, consumers are paying more and more attention to the problem of the door, and the armored door is one of the anti-theft door products, which can well surround a family. Safety, especially good quality armored doors, choose the right armored doors, and at the same time learn to install steel and wood armored doors correctly!

With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of purchasing doors and decoration has gradually improved, especially in terms of after-sales service. It is also an important link for the steel-wood armored door to be carefully packaged and transported from the manufacturer to the subsequent installation of the owner. Therefore, how is the installation process of the steel-wood armored door and the door frame carried out?

1. Preparatory tools: hammer, ruler, wood (brick) block, rope, pencil, door frame, special solid connector, etc.

2. Removal of powder and ash: Before installation, remove old powder or lime at the place where wood bricks need to be installed, and leave the original brick wall or concrete wall.

3. Assembly: Put the cover board on the ground, fix it with a special connector, then pull the vertical line to correct the size, and fix it with a vertical triangle correction through-angle bracket.

4. Vertical cover board: Before erecting the cover board, special glue must be applied to the wall where the wooden bricks are located and the inside of the cover board, and then the cover board is placed in the door opening and the position and verticality are corrected.

5. Placing wooden bricks: Coat the wooden bricks with special glue, cushion the position of the cover board and the wall, and use small nails to fix the wooden bricks and the cover board.

6. Install the door edge: After the styrofoam is cured (usually 2-3 hours), remove the triangle bracket on the cover board, blank the actual door edge size, apply special glue to the groove of the cover, and then install the door. The side line and the door panel are lightly fastened and fixed. (If the fit between the door edge and the groove is loose, it can be tightly plugged with veneer on the inside of the door edge)

7. Install the door leaf.

According to the above installation process, install your own steel and wood armored door guards correctly, and protect your home safety!

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