What is the function of fire door filling material

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2022-05-17 15:15

Introduction: Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the fire safety of the home, so all kinds of fire doors are also on the market. So do you know how important the choice of fire door filling materials is? What is the function of fire door filling material?

First, the role of fire door filling materials

Fire door filling materials play a major role in the fire resistance and heat insulation performance of fire doors, so fire door filling materials are key items for fire door engineering inspection and acceptance. The choice of fire doors should choose those companies that can produce inorganic non-combustible door core materials by themselves, so that the quality is guaranteed, because the quality of the main performance is effectively guaranteed.

At a certain temperature, an initiator is added to polymerize into a viscous liquid of acrylamide with a certain molecular weight, and other inorganic refractories are added to the solution. This transparent solution is poured into the glass interlayer, and after a certain period of time, the acrylamide is cross-linked, forming a network structure to become a transparent, thermosetting, and jelly-like substance. The role of fire and heat insulation.

Therefore, the quality of fire doors directly affects the fire resistance of fire glass products. There are several simple identification methods for the quality of intumescent fireproof seals. The visual sample should be flat; the black particles in the sample should be around 20; when the fire door is burned with a lighter, the sample expansion performance is obvious, and the carbon particles should not be flying. Flocculent.

2. What is the emphasis on the choice of filling materials for fire doors?

Fire doors are usually used in evacuation passages with more people and logistics. Fire-resistant fire door wood materials or fire-resistant wood products are used to make door frames, door leaf skeletons, and fire door door leaf panels.

Fire doors should be filled with non-toxic and harmless fire-proof and heat-insulating materials, and should be equipped with fire-resistant hardware accessories with built-in fire-resistant door closers, etc. The above requirements should be designed by the electrical professional.

Fire doors can reduce safety hazards as comprehensively as possible. For environments such as normally open, fast locking, and fast opening in case of fire, the electrical professional must provide automatic control design.

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