Experts introduce common sense in the use of fire doors

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2022-05-17 15:14

A fire door is a door that, together with a frame, can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and thermal insulation for a certain period of time. Among them, a fire door composed of door frames, doors and windows, fire-proof hinges, fire-proof locks and other fire-proof hardware accessories, with the hinge as the axis perpendicular to the ground, the axis can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise in a single direction to open or close the door. Swing fire doors, including swing wood, steel, steel wood fire doors and fire doors of other materials. The swing type fire door is a fire door that is mainly installed and used in buildings in my country at present. At present, the wood heat insulation fire doors and steel heat insulation fire doors in the swing fire door products have a large quantity and a wide range, and have become a common and important fire protection product installed and used in buildings.

Fire doors can be divided into:

1. Wooden fire doors; 2. Steel fire doors; 3. Steel and wood fire doors; 4. Other materials fire doors.

According to the number of doors, it can be divided into:

1. Single fire door; 2. Double fire door; 3. Multiple fire doors.

According to its structure, it can be divided into:

1. Fire door with fire glass on the door leaf; 2. Fire door with double slot or single slot; 3. Fire door with bright window; 4. Fire door with glass and bright window; 5. No glass fire door .

According to the closing direction of the door leaf, it can be divided into:

1. The fire door with the door leaf closed clockwise; 2. The fire door with the door leaf closed counterclockwise.

According to its fire resistance, it can be divided into:

1. Insulated fire doors; 2. Partially insulated fire doors; 3. Non-insulated fire doors.

Among them: fire insulation fire doors with fire resistance and thermal insulation ≥ 0.50h and fire integrity ≥ 0.50h are Class C fire doors; fire insulation doors with fire resistance and thermal insulation ≥ 1.00h and fire integrity ≥ 1.00h are Class B fire doors Doors; fire-resistant fire doors with fire-resistance and thermal insulation ≥ 1.50h and fire-resistance integrity ≥ 1.50h are Class-A fire doors.

The specification of the fire door is expressed by the size of the opening. Therefore, we must pay attention to the size of the opening indicated in the model specification, so that we can consider its applicability and matching when designing, selecting or installing.

Each fire door has inherent permanent signage in conspicuous locations, the signage includes the following:

a) Product name, model specification and trademark (if any);

b) the name of the manufacturer or the mark and address of the manufacturer;

c) The date of manufacture and the batch number of the product;

d) Implement the standard.

When purchasing fire doors, be sure to purchase fire doors produced by enterprises that have obtained the type approval certificate and have the corresponding ID card information signs; in addition, the fire resistance of fire door products is an important indicator to be considered when purchasing. Carefully check the corresponding content on the fire door sign, so as not to make mistakes and affect safety. At the same time, pay attention to the fireproof hardware accessories of fireproof door products and the following materials packed into fireproof bags provided with the product:

a) product certificate;

b) product manual;

c) packing list;

d) product installation diagram;

e) List of fireproof hardware accessories and accessories.

The installation, maintenance and replacement of fire doors should be carried out by fire door manufacturers or professional installation and maintenance units.

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