Fujian Sanyi Door Industry Co., Ltd. Quality Credit Report

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2022-05-17 15:13

1. Instructions for the preparation of the quality credit report:

1. The quality credit report published by Fujian Sanyi Door Industry Co., Ltd. is prepared in an objective and fair attitude. The content of the report is true and effective, and conforms to the actual situation of the company. The content of the report includes improving the quality awareness of employees and the quality organization and management system. , quality concept, etc.;

2. The report release period is from June 2018 to June 2019, and the data in the report is true and accurate.

2. Improve the quality awareness of employees

Product quality is related to the life of the enterprise, and quality is the banner of the enterprise and the demonstration of the strength of the enterprise. The most important weapon for enterprises to seek development in the fierce competition, to defeat strong opponents and to gain a firm foothold is product quality. For enterprises, quality is actually a systematic project. It not only involves all functional departments of the enterprise, but also runs through various links such as R&D, production, sales, and procurement, and includes personnel awareness, quality system, production and operation behavior, and even hardware such as machinery and equipment. .

In order to make the enterprise's quality system operate efficiently, optimize the allocation of resources, and produce high-quality products, we must first let all employees firmly establish the awareness of high-quality and high-quality ideologically, ignore this, no matter how good the equipment, No matter how sound the mechanism is, it is difficult to play its due effect. The establishment of this awareness naturally has its value, it will make employees consciously abide by the operating procedures in the process of production and operation, and will not be affected by external factors such as "no one supervises, no one sees, everyone does this" Influence and abandoning the original responsibilities, this is not only an objective requirement and constraint, but a higher pursuit than professional ethics.

Quality awareness is an enterprise's awareness and understanding of quality and quality work from the leadership decision-making level to every employee, which has an extremely important influence and restriction on quality behavior. Quality awareness is reflected in the work of every employee, and it is also concentrated in the work of the highest decision-making level of the enterprise. It is a kind of consciously to ensure that the products produced by the enterprise are delivered to the needs of customers----hardware, software and the willpower of process material quality, work quality and service quality. Quality awareness is established and exerted influence through enterprise quality management, quality education and quality responsibility, and is gradually and slowly formed through self-regulation through quality incentive mechanism. 

The company conducts targeted quality awareness education among all employees to improve the quality awareness of employees from the following aspects:

1. The quality of today's quality determines the market share of tomorrow.

2. Grasp the quality from now on, from me.

3. Do better than other competitors, the most important thing is that the product quality is higher than others.

4. The quality is measured by the standard, but it reflects the credit and integrity of the enterprise.

5. To focus on quality is to be responsible for the enterprise, the owner, the society and even the employees themselves.

6. Quality is not only a technical issue, but ultimately reflects the quality of employees and enterprises.

The company aims to create a brand and strengthens brand awareness education. Publicizing and implementing the concept of brand leadership and impacting the future has formed a good atmosphere in the enterprise where everyone cares about quality and everyone is responsible for creating a brand. Through extensive and lively quality awareness activities, the company accelerates the transformation of the outdated quality concept of all employees, enhances employees' sense of competition and sense of responsibility, firmly establishes the spirit of love and dedication among employees, and pursues 100% customer satisfaction. 

Only by cultivating the team spirit of employees in the education and activities of quality awareness, can the total quality management be truly implemented, and the quality awareness of the enterprise can be penetrated and improved.

3. Quality Organization Management System

Our company's quality management organization is led by management representatives, office, business department, purchasing department, and production department. The general manager is responsible for the unified management, and the production department is responsible for the implementation, ensuring the unified management of the whole process quality, unified planning and unified arrangement. This unified management model is conducive to the improvement of the technical level and quality of all employees, and is conducive to the realization of scientific management and the purpose of improving product quality.

The organizational structure is composed of full-time quality engineers, quality personnel of each process, and personnel with intermediate skills or above, each of whom has responsibilities. In this system, the ideological quality and technical quality of each level of personnel (laboratory, inspection, finished product inspection) are crucial. In order to improve the quality of inspectors, we have adopted the policy of focusing on both ideological quality and technical quality, and training of high-, middle- and low-level personnel. Since 2012, the company has trained full-time inspectors and internal auditors, provided quality inspection vocational education to all employees, and hired external quality inspection engineers to provide amateur training for more than 20 people, more than 50 hours, and held various types of technical assessments, competition, etc. The job competition and technical assessment are directly linked to personal economic benefits, which greatly promotes the upsurge of learning technology. During the period, a large number of excellent quality management workers emerged in the enterprise, and the quality management level and technical quality of all employees have been greatly improved. 

4. Quality Concept

Sanyi Door Industry follows the policy of "survive by quality, develop by brand", and takes brand building as a major event in the production and operation of the enterprise. Guarantee, culture is the soul of the brand, innovation is the driving force of the brand".

5. Internal quality management

1. Establishment of quality management system

The company passed the ISO9001 standard product quality certification in 2017. Through the system certification work, the company established a set of comprehensive, complete, detailed and strict quality management and quality assurance rules and regulations and quality assurance documents. Market research, product development, production management, equipment management, personnel management, material management, quality management, production process management, quality standard management, quality inspection, sales management, sales service management, market information feedback, etc. "Comprehensive, full-staff, whole-process" quality management, so that everything uses data to speak, and all work has rules to follow, which truly embodies the scientific, systematic and standardized quality management, so that the product quality of Sanyi Door Industry and the The quality of water management has been improved.

In order to monitor and measure the effective operation of the quality system, in addition to organizing an internal audit and a management review every year as planned, the enterprise management department also adopts a rolling method to supervise and inspect each department every month, and timely formulate the problems found in the audit. Corrective measures are improved, and punishments and assessments are carried out in accordance with the company's "Quality Rewards and Punishments Regulations" and "Cadre Quality Performance Appraisal Measures". There were no major non-conformities in the previous external audits. While monitoring the effective operation of the quality system, the enterprise management department strengthens the supervision and random inspection of the physical quality. In addition to a quarterly spot check of each department, a monthly spot check of each production process is also added. If any problem is found, it will be ordered to rectify within a time limit and will be the focus of the next spot check. Apply statistical techniques in procurement, production process, quality inspection, user feedback, etc., and formulate corrective or preventive measures for rectification of quality problems that occur or implied every quarter.

Quality awareness and management thinking determine the direction and development of corporate culture. In the fierce market competition, product quality is the key for enterprises to win the market. High-quality products can gain a good market reputation for enterprises and win the favor of users. Therefore, in the process of shaping the corporate culture, the top managers put forward the business philosophy of "creating the brand with integrity, developing the future with innovation, and creating the future of the enterprise with our today's integrity". , is the life of the enterprise" concept and the quality awareness of "the factory door is the door to go abroad", and requires employees to always warn themselves in every process of production, every step of your operation will directly affect the quality of the product. to the market reputation of the product. Therefore, strictly control the quality, and the previous process is responsible for the next process, which has become the conscious awareness of employees in the production process. The improvement of quality awareness has made all staff enthusiastic about participating in quality management. 

2. Strengthen quality management and give full play to the role of quality inspection

In order to ensure the continuous and effective operation of the quality management system and the steady improvement of product quality, the company has determined that the theme of quality management is "strengthening scientific management, correcting bad habits, strengthening process control, improving work quality and efficiency, producing high-quality products, creating brands, and taking connotation. way of development”. In order to consolidate the results of quality management, the company has determined the theme of quality and benefit is "Efficiency is the life of the enterprise, we must seek benefits from product quality, strictly control product costs, seek benefits from procurement quality, greatly reduce procurement costs, and require manufacturing quality. benefit, improve efficiency, reduce losses, seek benefits from the quality of work, and comprehensively improve the level of management work.” In the operation of the two themes of quality and efficiency, the company has re-formulated and improved various management rules and regulations of the enterprise, standardized product production procedures, and effectively controlled product quality. A series of more than ten management standards such as "Measures for Quality Performance Evaluation of Cadres" and "Measures for After-sales Service Management" have established a complete set of internal quality control management systems, which have raised the quality management work of the enterprise to a new level. 

3. Metrology work management

The measurement management work has been strengthened. Since 2011, in order to strengthen the measurement management, it has established a For the whole set of management documents and control methods, a batch of precise measurement and testing equipment such as microscopes and combustion tests have been purchased, which greatly improves the inspection ability of products. Effective measurement management provides a good guarantee for the stable improvement of product quality. 

4. Quality inspection management

The laboratory has established a file of testing equipment, organized and classified it, and focused on the management of important precision instruments and testing equipment for important items and key parameters. The key elements of management are: calibration or inspection for effective traceability of detection data, continuous maintenance of good operation and accuracy of equipment. For different types and models of testing instruments and equipment, laboratory managers should also formulate corresponding maintenance plans and implement them to maintain the technical state of the equipment. The contents include: lubrication, cleaning, tightening, wiring, adjustment level, calibration data, etc., regularly supervise and inspect the maintenance situation, and record the operation of important equipment, so as to regularly evaluate the overall working status of the equipment, and inspect the equipment. Users must undergo professional training and pass the examination before they can take up their posts. The laboratory has also established a complete sample retention system. After each test, the inspection samples and duplicate samples are marked and stored in the sample warehouse, and are kept by a special person for at least one year, so that problems can be re-inspected and searched in time. reason. The laboratory personnel also regularly exchange various problems encountered in the inspection, so as to formulate corrective measures in time for the problems, improve the laboratory management level and work quality, and achieve the goal of zero defects in enterprise quality. Various systems, job responsibilities, instruments Operating procedures, safety common sense, precautions, etc. are on the wall for implementation. 

Effectively strengthen the quality inspection and acceptance of suppliers' supply, urge suppliers to fulfill their quality responsibilities in accordance with the law, strictly control the quality of raw materials in storage, strict process discipline, strict quality control of the entire production process, strengthen the construction of quality supervision teams, and strengthen supervision of personnel. Education and training, continuously improve its quality, improve supervision methods, improve quality improvement ability, and enhance its authority and effectiveness. 

5. Regularly hold regular quality meetings to speed up the resolution of quality problems

The company regularly holds quality meetings to carry out in-depth quality revitalization activities. When quality problems are found, they should actively accept and speed up work efficiency and solve the deadline. A quality audit system is established, and the financial department lists the direct quality costs and indirect quality costs incurred in the process of product manufacturing and sales into statistical items. In the regular meeting, there are punishments and rewards. You can't just reward without punishment, and you can't just punish without reward. A quality incentive mechanism has been established to clarify the quality standards and quality responsibilities of each post, implement "quality veto power" and conduct serious assessments, and evaluate the results. As an important basis for employee transfer, promotion, promotion, reward or punishment, send employees to actively participate in quality management activities. 

In short, the company firmly establishes the concept of "quality first", regards quality as the life of the company and products, and implements the development strategy of winning by quality into the whole process of production and operation activities in the workshop, encourages technological innovation, strengthens technological transformation, and continuously improves The quality and grade of the products make the enterprise in an invincible position in the competition. 

Corporate Purpose, Quality/Environment/Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Target Quality Commitment

1. Quality policy:

Customer first, quality first, excellence and sustainable development. 


2. Quality commitment:

Starting from the basis of total quality management, firmly establish the production and operation guiding ideology of "quality first, reputation first, customer first", pay close attention to the quality control of key processes on the production site, and ensure that product quality meets national standards and the requirements of consumers . 

Maintain the management system, take effective measures for continuous improvement, and correct and prevent any deviation from the quality policy and quality objectives. 

All employees must follow the company's quality/environment/occupational health and safety policy, quality/environment/occupational health and safety goals and commitments, and continuously provide high-tech products to serve the market with first-class management, high-quality products, and satisfactory service. 

6. Legal guarantee system

The company's quality management regulatory assurance system mainly includes: (1) National, ministerial and provincial regulations, standards (GB) and regulations. Such as: "Product Quality Law", "Labor Law", "Standardization Law", "Measurement Law", etc. (2) ISO and other international standards. (3) More than 10 kinds of internal control standards, inspection processes, technical regulations and various responsibilities formulated by the production department. As the legal basis for the quality control of the whole factory's products and to ensure the quality of inspection. 

Seven, equipment guarantee system

Equipment is an essential tool for producing products. Good equipment status is a prerequisite for ensuring product quality. Its integrity rate and precision are the keys to ensuring product quality. The company's specific practices are:

1. Technological transformation of key equipment affecting product quality;

2. Establish equipment maintenance system, assign personnel, assign responsibilities, and conduct regular maintenance;

3. Establish a testing center, introduce advanced testing equipment, and improve various testing methods;

4. Regular measurement and verification of testing instruments and meters to ensure that the instruments and meters are in good condition, etc. 

8. Actively adopt international standards and advanced foreign standards

Facing the fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, our company actively adopts international standards and foreign standards, that is, adopts the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the advanced standards formulated by other international organizations confirmed and announced by the International Organization for Standardization. The company conducts strict production according to the standards formulated by advanced science and technology and advanced production and management experience in the world, and adopts the national GB 12955-2008 "Fire Door" standard to produce fire door series products. The use of international standards and foreign advanced standards to guide production has greatly improved the quality of products and promoted the company's